Every artwork tell a story, a story not only about characters within the art piece but also about the people who create that art. Motifs in our collections are not exception from this issue.

 As our collections are mostly belong to Persian miniature it need to be mention that sculpture and painting were forbidden art in Islam culture back in 17th- 18th century, but there was an exception for this religious constraint in kingdom’s court.

As these art were limited only to kingdom courts the subject of painting in those ages was mostly related to Harem and objects that suits king's taste. Many of great painting that are remain from those ages tell a story about some king or prince and many other portrait some princess or harem dancer.

Pasar Team , Qajar Painting , Persian

As there is always an invisible motivation for people to create art and adore art, no religious law could control human intrinsic interest to stop them from creating art. An outcome for this special situation was an underground painting movement. Because many painting that remain for us today was made by this movement we have so many great painting today from those ages that we do not have a clue about who create those artworks.

Pasar Team , Female Tumbler , Qajar Painting

Pasar team try to recall part of Persian culture by remaking unique painting from the last 300 years.

At the end maybe a story is all we look to find in an art piece.