We are here now. We wish to do our best to bring some uniqeness to this World.

What we make is stuff out of marble stone, mostly Jewelry box, and then paint on them with a very special style. You could Reach us here or on our Etsy shop and also our Instagram page. We would like to connect to you as much as possible so please feel free to contact us and give feed back about products. 

These stuff you see here is not just our products, our job or things like that, This is our passion and the best gift for us is that more and more people enjoy what we make.

We are going to have much fun here and talk about what we make or how we make what we make and stuff like that so please keep in touch. ;)


P.S : I know this blog post is good material for seo and that kind of stuff, but the point is please be in touch and give us back about what we make here.